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Frankly Noted was founded by a husband and wife team. A team that has had many trials pushed at them in life, and they found that the best way to get through those trials was with love and a big sense of humor. They don't take things too seriously, they believe in the power of humor, love, a little inappropriate laughter, and a lot of caffeine . They decided to combine their love of simple design and decor, coffee, comfy clothes, and sarcastic humor, and their skills of design and production, to create what is now known as Frankly Noted. 

The love of bringing people up when they are down, the happiness of hearing the laughter of others, were all driving factors into bringing these products into fruition. Knowing that whenever they were looked at and shared with others like yourself, the product would be spreading that love and feel good power to those that would truly appreciate it, and the ability to use the products and enjoy them repeatedly, is just the icing on the cake.

Frankly Noted is a small business committed to providing excellent quality products, and customer service, while creating relationships with their buyers and repeat customers.